Tier 2 Launchpad: 
An online membership for undergraduate or postgraduate students on a Tier 4 visa who want to secure a Tier 2 graduate job in the UK.


You've decided you want to stay and work in the UK.

You love the culture, the freedom, the relaxed way of working, the opportunities.

You’ve even got used to the weather.



...while you’re excelling at your academic studies (well done), navigating the complicated world of visas and graduate recruitment is more challenging.

You’ve spent hours trying to find potential employers who can sponsor the Tier 2 visa - but they’re hard to find.

And then there’s the applications, and the interviews - how do you make the most of every precious opportunity, and bounce back after each rejection?

And just when you’ve started to understand how the system works, everything changes (again) with the new Points-Based System and Two-Year Visa Extension, and the economic impact of Covid-19.

There’s just so much to think about.

Hi, I’m Anika, founder of Grad Careers Coach, the UK’s only careers consultancy that connects international students with graduate recruiters.

Along with my team, we’ve been delivering career consultancy for over 4 years, and in that time we’ve helped 100s of international students secure top Tier 2 jobs in the UK. We know where to look for Tier 2 graduate opportunities and what graduate employers are looking for in their candidates. We also know how tough this recruitment process is and how difficult it is to keep applying for jobs after being rejected.

We’ve also seen international students making these five costly mistakes:

  1. Wasting time applying to, or working for, companies that don’t sponsor the Tier 2 visa.
  2. Using a mass-application strategy, applying for any and all jobs they can find, or sending their CV out to hundreds of companies without adapting the content to each job opportunity, then mistakenly feeling like they’ve done the work needed to secure a job. 
  3. Only applying to the very limited jobs within their specialist area of study, missing out on opportunities in the wider job market that still make use of your degree and experiences.
  4. Wasting opportunities by making it through to interviews, then repeatedly getting rejected because they don’t know what UK employers are looking for. 
  5. Waiting until they have finished their studies before making job applications, when most of the top Tier 2 graduate jobs have already been filled.

Vedant Madhok - RSM Job Offer Holder

"I had applied to more than 40 companies and received rejections from all of them. I reached out to Grad Careers Coach and joined their program. My Coach was an amazing recruiter with a lot of experience and was always willing to help. She helped me understand what the recruiters in the UK are looking for. When I got a call saying they want me to start straight away, I was so happy."

Over the past 4 years helping 100s of international students, we've gathered all our knowledge and experience into Tier 2 Launchpad, an online membership that will help you find, apply for, and secure a Tier 2 graduate job, that:
  • Is the best match possible between your degree and experience, and the opportunities currently available
  • Qualifies you for a Tier 2 visa with a stable company
  • Rewards you with enjoyable work
  • Offers the opportunity to train, develop and progress in your career.

Stephanie Fung - KPMG Job Offer Holder

"I would definitely recommend Grad Careers Coach to other people, they helped me to gain confidence and to provide specialised insight into the industry I want to work in and other industries. I was so happy when I got the job offer, I told my parents straight away. You'll know when that right job comes along and how to prepare for it because you got so much help from Grad Careers Coach. As cheesy as that sounds, it kinda changed my life."

Inside the Membership

List of 95 Companies which Sponsor the Tier 2 visa

No need to spend time hunting for potential employers. Use our list to quickly find a large number of places you can apply to. Then you can focus your time and effort on finding the right opportunity for you, and on successfully completing the recruitment process.

Live Q&A video session with UK Graduate Recruiters - Two per month

Get exclusive insider knowledge from graduate recruiters with experience recruiting for Tier 2 Sponsoring Companies. Ask them about job roles, progression, salary, what makes a successful application, tips on passing an interview or assessment centre and much more. If you can’t attend live, you can submit your question before the session, and watch a recording later.

Live Q&A video sessions with an immigration lawyer - Every other month

Every month we invite an immigration lawyer who is an expert in Tier 4 and Tier 2 visas to join our community for a live video call.  They will answer your questions about visas, and the latest immigration developments, for example how the new Points-Based System works and how the new 2 year Graduate Route visa extension will affect you.

Exclusive members-only private forum - available all day, every day

The community forum is active 24/7 to answer your questions and provide feedback. It’s a place where you can share your tips and experience, and get advice and support. The community only includes other students who are on a Tier 4 visa, committed to finding a graduate job with Tier 2 sponsorship in the UK. Collectively you have the most up-to-date knowledge on the current UK graduate recruitment situation. And you have the power to keep each other motivated to keep moving forward. This is the only community that truly understands the unique situation you are in, and the highs and lows of securing a job offer. Everyone in the group shares your 100% commitment and focus to stay in the UK.

Masterclasses to help you find the RIGHT job (not just ANY job)

We know that getting a job with Tier 2 sponsorship is key but there's plenty of competition. Our masterclasses show you how to choose Tier 2 jobs, create successful CVs and applications, and ace your interviews. Each masterclass includes a few short videos and a downloadable checklist to help you take action on what you’ve learnt. Topics include:

  1. Creating a Winning Tier 2 Job Strategy 
  2. How to Brand Yourself 
  3. How to Create a Successful CV 
  4. Guide to Filling Out Application Forms
  5. Passing Online Assessments 
  6. How to Pass an Interview 
  7. How to Pass an Assessment Centre

Careers Resource Library

Increase your chances of Tier 2 job success by getting inside-information on what UK Graduate Recruiters are looking for. This library includes:

  • CV guidelines and CV templates to help you create an appealing CV for the UK job market
  • Guide to creating a successful Cover Letter
  • Sample Cover Letters to give your CV the best possible chance of being considered by a recruiter
  • Guide to completing UK Job Application forms
  • Guide to Competency Questions often used in Application Forms and interviews
  • Examples of Commercial Awareness Questions often used in interviews

No Contract - No Tie-Ins

We’re confident that you’ll find our Membership site useful but If you don’t feel like you’ve received value, you can cancel anytime. There's no long term commitment required. It’s simple to cancel your membership in one click.

If you’re ready to secure your Tier 2 graduate job in the UK, simply click the button below to join us.



  •  List of 95 Companies which Sponsor the Tier 2 visa

  • Masterclasses to help you succeed at applications, assessments and interviews  

  • Live Q&A video session with UK Graduate Recruiters - Two per month

  • Live Q&A video sessions with an immigration lawyer - Every other month

  • Exclusive members-only private forum - available all day, every day

  • Careers Resource Library - Sample CVs, forms, assessments and interview questions


Try it risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee

Join the membership and if after the first 30 days you feel like we haven’t increased your chances of securing a Tier 2 graduate position, or if for any reason you think the membership isn’t right for you, please get in touch and we’ll refund your membership payment.

Which of these Graduate Job Seekers are you?

The Dreamer

Student who doesn’t yet know much about the recruitment process in the UK, but is dreaming of securing a graduate job. You may be feeling worried that you’ll never figure out who to apply to, when and how.

The Explorer

Student who has some understanding of the UK graduate recruitment process and has started applying. You may be wondering how to make the best use of your time, to maximise your chances of success.

The Contender

Student who has reached various stages including the Assessment Centre but still hasn’t received an offer. You may be starting to worry that you won’t ever secure a graduate job in the UK.

Our mission is to help all three types of students achieve their goal of securing a Tier 2 job and building a successful career in the UK.

Is The Membership Right For You?

This is for you if...

  • You are on a Tier 4 student visa
  • You are already studying at a UK university, or you are about to come to the UK to study.
  • You want to secure a Tier 2 graduate job in Professional Services, Investment Banking, Engineering or Technology (these are top sponsors of the Tier 2 visa).
  • You have or are studying for a degree in any subject area (you don’t have to be studying a related degree in order to apply to these industries). 

This is NOT for you if..

  • You are not studying, or soon to be studying, at a UK university.
  • You are a PhD student.
  • You have years of work experience and are looking for a senior job role.
  • You want to work in Law, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Marketing, Research, Fashion.
  • You are looking for, or you are on, a Tier 5 visa (Temporary Worker - Government Authorised Exchange visa)
  • You are looking for, or you are on, a Tier 1 visa.

Stop struggling and worrying. 

Start your journey to a better future.

We’re going to help you tackle the biggest challenges you’re facing right now.

  • Finding a job that qualifies for the Tier 4 visa, that you are a good match for 
  • Completing successful applications, assessments and interviews
  • Coping with the lows of rejection (or not even hearing back at all) so you stay motivated to keep applying
  • Keeping up-to-date with the graduate recruitment and immigration news in the UK, and what it means for you

Our team of career coaches and HR professionals are expertly trained to transform our clients from inexperienced and unprepared students to confident professionals ready for a career in the UK workplace.

If you are serious about securing a top graduate job in the UK, that comes with Tier 2 visa sponsorship, good training and career opportunities long term, join us.


Wilma Yinqi Wu - Grant Thornton Job Offer Holder

"The sessions cover quite a lot from how to improve my CV to industry and company specific knowledge, and were tailored around my needs. A week after the Grant Thornton Experience Day I was offered a job on my birthday which was really great. I would recommend Grad Careers Coach because Anika and her team are really genuine and willing to help as they understand how frustrating the situation can be."

I highly recommend working with Anika and Grad Careers Coach as they have been very helpful with our international students over the last 2 years ensuring that students take away essential skills and knowledge for today's tough job market. They present very innovative and relevant content.

Noeleen Hammond Jones - International Career Consultant, The University of Manchester

Anika has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Early Careers marketplace. She is a great ambassador for international students and works closely with them to provide them with great insights into the UK workplace and opportunities. Her enthusiasm stands out and she is very supportive of her team and associates and encourages them to be creative and confident.

Lienda Beale - Associate, Grad Careers Coach

Anika and the Coaches have been successful in helping international students find and secure their dream graduate role across a number of different industries and UK locations. Anika is honest, knowledgeable and is extremely passionate about what she does.

Jayde Savage - Graduate Recruitment Specialist


If you’re committed to securing a Tier 2 graduate job that’s a good match for you, and offers long-term opportunities, join us today.