The Launchpad: 
A careers platform for international students in the UK who want to secure a graduate job with visa sponsorship.

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Over the past 8 years, we've spoken to 1000s of international students, and now we've gathered all our knowledge and experience into The Launchpad, a careers platform that will help you find, apply for, and secure a graduate job with visa sponsorship, that:
  • Is the best match possible between your degree and experience, and the opportunities currently available
  • Qualifies you for a work visa with a stable company
  • Rewards you with enjoyable work
  • Offers the opportunity to train, develop and progress in your career.

Inside the Careers Platform:

List of the Top 100 UK Companies that are willing to Sponsor the work visa

 A great place to start your journey and will save you hours of research

Resources Created by UK Graduate Recruiters 

Get exclusive insider knowledge from UK graduate recruiters with experience recruiting for Sponsoring Companies. 

Up to date information on visa policy 

The latest UK Visa Policy Updates: How Changes will Affect You & What to Expect

Exclusive members-only Community

Access to a community of international students and graduates who are equally committed to securing a job offer with visa sponsorship.

Masterclasses to help you find the RIGHT job (not just ANY job)

Bite size video masterclasses to guide every step of the way from creating a clear job action plan to how to pass an assessment centre.

Careers Resource Library

From CV templates and sample cover letters to interview questions (motivation, competency, strengths based and technical).



  • ¬†List of the top 100 UK Companies which sponsor the work visa

  • Masterclasses to help you succeed at job applications, assessments and interviews¬†¬†

  • Supportive and knowledgeable community

  • ¬†Careers Resource Library - Sample CVs, forms, assessments and interview questions


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Is This Careers Platform Right For You?

This is for you if...

  • You are on a student visa or on the Graduate Route visa ,
  • You are already studying at a UK university, or you are about to come to the UK to study.

This is NOT for you if..

  • You are not studying, or soon to be studying, at a UK university.
  • You are looking for, or you are on a Temporary Worker or¬†Entrepreneur visa.

Stop struggling and worrying. 

We’re going to help you tackle the biggest challenges you’re facing right now.

  • Finding a job that qualifies for the Tier 2 / Skilled Worker visa, that you are a good match for¬†
  • Completing successful job applications, assessments and interviews
  • Dealing¬†with rejection so you stay motivated to keep applying
  • Keeping up-to-date with the graduate recruitment and immigration news in the UK, and what it means for you